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The accreditation is an attestation or certification by the national accreditation body certifying that a conformity assessment body satisfies the criteria established by harmonised standards and, where appropriate, any other supplementary requirements including those defined in the relevant sector programmes, for conducting specific conformity assessment activities.

Only accredited test laboratories, calibration laboratories so as accredited certification and inspection bodies are able to provide the market (business, public administration, consumers) with reliable, impartial, credible and internationally accepted declarations of compliance

The accreditation obtained certifies the level of quality of the work of our testing laboratory, assessing the conformity of our management system and our competences against internationally recognised requirements and standards, as well as with the mandatory legislative requirements.

FAKT S.r.l. and ACCREDIA have stipulated the Convention No. 1612L dated 24.11.2020; upon request, users can view the Convention, including the requirements contained in the Documents.

Our laboratory FAKT is accredited by ACCREDIA, the italian accreditation body, as testing laboratory for environmental tests (details regarding covered test methods see copy of accreditation certificate available for download in the specific section of this site).

For all its accreditation activities ACCREDIA is a signatory member of the:

Thanks to the partecipation of the national accreditation bodies in international Organisations (such as at EA - European Cooperation for Accreditation on an European level and at ILAC - International organisation for accreditation bodies operating in accordance with ISO/IEC 17011 and involved in the assessment and accreditation of calibration laboratories (using ISO/IEC 17025), testing laboratories (using ISO/IEC 17025), medical testing laboratories (using ISO 15189) and inspection bodies (using ISO/IEC 17020) on an international level) and the signature of Mutual Recognition Arrangements  (MRA) handled by these Organisations, the certificates and/or reports issued by accredited conformity assessment bodies are valid and credible, as well as universally accepted and recognised.



The designation is a governmental authorization of a Conformity Assessment Body to perform specified conformity assessment activities. 

The purpose of the designation of test laboratories/inspection bodies is to ensure their competence and procedures.

Our test laboratory and inspection body FAKT is internationally recognised and results designated by the designation bodies KBA and NSAI as Technical Service of categories A, B and D for type approval processes at the KBA and NSAI for the main testing/inspection activities offered by FAKT..