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EMC - Electromagnetic Compatibility


FAKT offers you electromagentic compatibility tests in the automotive field. We test and document that your products do not create harmful interferences and that they have a good protection against external disturbances.  


We test in the EMC sector according to the valid standards in the automotive field such as CISPR 25  and ISO 11452 and verify the conformity with almost all standards of the automotive industry.

The principal tests we can carry out are:

  • Emission measurements from 9 kHz up to 4 GHz 
  • Immunity tests against radiated electromagnetic disturbances up to 4 GHz with a field strength > 220 V/m 
  • Stripline test with field strength > 400 V/m
  • Disturbance injection with bulk current clamp (BCI - Bulk Current Injection) up to max. 300 mA HF-current
  • ESD tests (ESD - Electrostatic Discharge) up to 30 kV
  • Automotive Pulses 


EMC Laboratory Equipment

Our EMC laboratory is directly connected to our environmental testing centre, situated in Italy. We issue test reports for requests of E1 approvals with KBA (German Approval Authority) or E24 (Irish Approval Authority).

The main instruments of our EMC-laboratory includes: 

  • Absorber chamber for component tests according to CISPR25 and ISO11452 up to 18 GHz
  • Shielded room for conducted emission and immunity tests
  • Amplifier power of 1000 W up to 1 GHz and 200/200 W up to 4 GHz
  • Stripline
  • ESD-Generator according to ISO10605 up to 30 kV
  • CAN-bus monitoring  
  • BCI-Coupling clamp
  • Video and audio surveillance of the EUT 
  • Optical interfaces for AC / DC, LIN, CAN, ...